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As a royal customer of FedEx Kinko's, I am writing to express how disappointed I was in my last experience in Fedex's China. I believe there are more things you have to work on employee training and customer service for Kinko's expansion in China.

It was June 17th around 7:00pm; I stopped by at Fedex's station SH07 (1/F, Ascendas Building, 333 Tianyaoqiao Rd., Xujiahui, Shanghai) and was trying to send some urgent documents from Shanghai to Taipei, Taiwan. It was around 7:00pm, there were two agents in that station. Here is what I had experienced in SH07 Fedex Kinko's service.

CHEATING: I was asking if I can send my document to Taipei, the agent told me it's too late to accept my request, so he wanted me to come by in TOMORROW MORNING. I told this situation to my colleague in Taipei, she felt weird so she made an inquiry phone call to the office that I was in; the other agent answered the phone and told her that they sure can accept our item now but they will send it out tomorrow morning anyways. I felt I was cheated by those agents since they actually can accept my request at that moment, however they refused to do so.

UNTHOUGHTFUL: so I said I want to leave my item here by filling out the paperwork, so I won't need to come by tomorrow morning, which was Saturday. You can imagine how reluctant they were now, so they said they "ran out of pen" for me to fill out the form…how ridiculous it was! Anyways, I used "my pen" to fill out the form.

Privacy Violation: When I was doing the form, I made a few phone calls to ask my colleague in Taiwan some passport information of her, obviously one of the agents, who seemed to be the leader of that shift, heard of that, he came out from his cube and said they can't deliver stuff like personal ID, I said it's alright, because what I am going to send are some documents…

"Well, I need to check out what the item is and then you can proceed!" the agent said.

I felt humiliated. This is the first time that I was asked to show the item that I want to deliver to a FedEx agent. I have never been into this kind of situation in the US or other Kinko's station.

GIVING ME A VERY HARDTIME: Finally I was done filling out the form, their agent took a look at the form, and said, well, you need to fill it out in English, we don't accept written mandarin. OKAY! But why don't you just tell me before I started to fill out the form? And everyone knows that both Taiwan and China using Mandarin, is that really a big deal?

I suddenly realized that their agents just wanted to give me a hard time with their unfriendly and arrogant attitude, thus I decided not to send my document in that station anymore, and probably not making any business with FeDex in China any more.

As a royal customer, I am writing to let everyone aware of Fedex Kinko's poor service in this station and I really want to see their growth in that market, please don't sacrifice certain values, services and promises that FK used to deliver to your customers when you are aggressively making business expansion outside of US.

Henry Sung

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I am in the US and, believe me, Fedex Kinko's is just as bad here. :p

Because it is the only place with internet open 24/7, I have been forced to try and use their computer to bid on ebay four times now.

The first time, the system went down totally. Fortunately, it was right after I bid and won. Unfortunately, it crashed before I could pay for the item, so I had to wait until my local library opened the next day. If the seller hadn't been very gracious when I explained, my 100% buyer rating could have been affected.

The other three times, when I tried to bid, a message popped up declaring that I couldn't because I was only using the Fedex Kinko's free Design Center site. Then why, pray tell, was I not only allowed to get as far online as my ebay watch list screen, but was also being charged for their supposedly FREE website? :?

Since I had been on ebay and was not being charged after the system went kaput, I did not ask for my money back in that first instance. Not that the money mattered anywhere as much to me as losing those items, however, I certainly did demand it back the next three times. And, while I did receive all three refunds, the last one was only obtained after intense "negotiations" with an employee who I will (charitably) call rude, snide, unhelpful and/or incompetent. Sound familiar to you? :roll

Kinko's, when it was on its own, was a really nice service who vigorously fought to maintain good customer relations. Now, it appears to me, that the company doesn't care at all if discourteous, inept employees and a slipshod internet system continuously angers and alienates customers.

I, for one, will never set foot in any of their stores ever again.

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